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Additional Equipment

additional equipment generator rental

To ensure you get the most from your generator performance, we can also supply a range of additional equipment for the complete package –

  • Cabling to suit 63amp to 630amp supply
  • Leads: 32, 63 and 125amp
  • Cable ramps
  • Distribution boards
  • Freestanding switchboards

We have everything you need to ensure your event, worksite or place of business runs safely and smoothly whilst using our generators, so contact us today via phone 0397222393 or email for a customised quote.

Generator accessories

Genset Power have a wide range of additional equipment available for hire, to enhance and complement your generator performance –

  • Load cables – heavy duty flexible cables in a range of lengths.
  • Single and three phase leads
  • Powerlock cables for easy connections
  • Distribution boards
  • Distribution cubes
  • Changeover switches


We stock a large range of single and 3phase power leads for every application. From single phase 10amp leads to 125amp 3phase leads, we have the right cables for you.

The leads are available in 10, 25 & 50m lengths and are all heavy-duty flexible rubber cables that can stand up to the harshest environments.

Ask about our “free cable hire” when hiring a generator from us.

We stock the following types of leads:

  • 10 Amp Single Phase15 Amp Single Phase
  • 20 Amp Single Phase
  • 10 Amp Three Phase
  • 20 Amp Three Phase
  • 32 Amp Three Phase
  • 50 Amp Three Phase
  • 63 Amp Three Phase


Our range of distribution boards couple with our generators to provide fast and effective power distribution. From our large main temporary switchboards rated to 500amps, to our localised distribution boards with 15amp sockets, we have the right equipment for your project or breakdown.

  • Construction distribution boards
  • Main switchboards to 500amps
  • Event distribution boards
  • Circuit breaker distribution boards


An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) switches the power supply between the Mains Supply and a Standby Generator automatically in the event of a grid failure, ensuring continuity of supply.

Genset Power has a range of NHP and ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches available in IP rated enclosures.



Cable ramps are great for protecting cables where there is a high risk of tripping or damage, such as at busy events or at work sites.

If work is being conducted in a public space, there needs to be ramps in place so that people don’t trip or tamper with your equipment.

cable ramps

Contact us now to discuss your generator and power requirements and we will provide you with a customised quote.

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